We offer organizational trainings both as part of our Employee Assistance services and independent of them.

Our trainings are generally based on the methodology of experiential learning, which means learning from our own, first person experiences. Experiential learning focuses on learning to originate not primarily from a theoretical base but from practical means, resulting in improved self-knowledge and a chance for real change to occur.

Experiential learning is exceptionally good in situations when the level of cooperation is low, when work processes are hindered by games, when the middle management is young and lacks important skills or when there is passive resistance within the organization.

A special form of experiential learning used by us is wilderness and adventure therapy, which combines all the advantages written above with further positive effects of the natural settings, greatly enhancing the interdependence of participants. We suggest these modern and novel types of cooperation and leadership trainings to all those who feel courageous enough to face their own behaviour in taut situations and how this behaviour affects other members of their team.

Besides these novel types of trainings we of course offer more traditional, indoor trainings, too, such as conflict management or stress management. All our trainings however have in common one feature, namely that they go a little bit beyond the usual corporate limits of self-knowledge and that they address the participants primarily as humans beings rather than mere employees.

Samples of our trainings:

  • stress management
  • conflict management
  • to lead and to be lead
  • enhancing cooperation
  • team building – back to the roots, when you would really like to build that team
  • discovering our strengths
  • relaxation techniques

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