Enhanced Workplace Wellbeing and Reduced Workplace Stress Level

The vast majority of our private difficulties originates from our relationships, our personality and the expectations of society. To provide effective help in all these areas of our life, the three pillars of EAP consist of the psychological (including both life and business coaching), the financial and the legal assistance (this latter excluding work law to ensure that employees do not abuse the EAP).

The history of EAPs in the US reaches back to the middle of the last century. Although EAPs have also been present in Hungary for about 10 years they have only begun to become popular during the last couple of years. During their long history EAPs have changed significantly in order to reflect present problems and labour market trends: what was once a mostly intern service focusing on employees with substance dependence problems has become an independent, wide spectrum workplace wellbeing program.

Based on our eight-years-long experience we believe that the Hungarian trends concur with the international ones in so far as family related issues, anxiety and depression form the biggest sets of all cases. All three of these share in common that timely and professional intervention can prevent the escalation of the problems into crisis. An inchoative burn out, a basically joyful, yet challenging promotion, a repeated fight with our spouse or our adolescent child, which makes us feel helpless and desperate, an unjust traffic fine or a legal notice in a lawsuit all strongly influence our mood, our motivation, our ability to relate to other people and to concentrate on our work.

The independency and discrete nature of the EAP offers the possibility to receive just that timely help that is needed without having to feel awkward in front of anybody. Let that be an important presentation, a transient anxiety caused by a workplace task or a more serious psychological or legal issue that we would like to handle in private and complete discretion, the counsellors and professionals of the Employee Assistance Program either help find a solution for the difficulty or offer reference to the best local experts of the given field.


Employee Assistance Programs generally focus on workplace wellbeing and workplace stress reduction. However in today’s turbulent workforce market time has come for a paradigm change. In the era of the Y generation, the rapid digital development and industry 4.0, Employee Assistance Programs can fulfil a much wider and more inherent role in the lives of companies: they carry the possibility of an integral employer branding and organizational development tool as well as a novel benefit and workforce retaining and attracting HR solution.

Besides psychological counselling, financial and legal assistance, EAPs also focus on coaching and self-development. Many sector faces serious problems arising from the regional workforce shortage such as young middle managers without sufficient experience, leadership skills and confidence for example. By implementing an EAP self-development work as well as business coaching can become accessible not only by top managers but also by middle managers and associates and what is more, in a volunteer, yet discrete way.

Long term effects of the Employee Assistance Program::

  • reduced fluctuation
  • increased workplace performance
  • increased efficacy
  • lojalitás növekedése
  • increased loyalty
  • increased commitment
  • more harmonious workplace relationships and environment

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