Employee Assistance Programs cover such a wide spectrum of possible challenges and difficulties in our lives that it is practically impossible to list them. Sometimes, however, it is not easy to realize that we are in need of help. Therefore we listed some case examples below to help decide whether your situation fits the EAP or not.

The legal assistance covers consultations in all areas of the law (eg. private contracts, property, polity, issues with authorities, motoring, customer issues etc) except for labour law in order to assure that employees do not abuse the EAP against their employers.

Our network of psychological and clinical counsellors involves individual-, family-, hypno-, analytically orientated-, cognitive-, adult- as well as child therapists in order to ensure that all arising problems are treated by the most suitable approach and best professionals. The aim of an EAP is however not to offer full scale therapy for the employees, rather, to give them the necessary consultation to either solve their case briefly or refer them to the best experts if longer intervention is needed.

Coaching within the Employee Assistance Program means coaching for all levels of the hierarchy within an organization and hence offers a possibility for associates and middle managers to access professional techniques to address their work related difficulties.

Financial assistance covers mostly tax related and investment advice and sometimes needs collaboration with the legal advisors as many such issues fall within a boarderline between these two disciplines.

Below are a few case examples with acronyms, chosen from our eight-year-long practice, in which the Employee Assistance offered effective help.