Employees eligible for Employee Assistance can access the services through a toll-free 06 80 telephone number. Calls are almost always initiated by the employees (except some specific examples). During the initiating telephone call our EAP colleague assesses the nature and severity of the case in order to assure that the best fitting counsellor or consultant is assigned to each case. This is then followed by the assigned counsellor or consultant contacting the caller directly, generally within 48 hours but in case of crisis almost simultaneously. The rest is up to them: whether they prefer to talk through the phone or meet face-to-face if this latter seems more appropriate is a matter of preference and agreement.

Although most cases are initiated by the employees themselves, in some rare cases there is possibility to refer an employee into the EAP. Sometimes we don’t realize that we need help and an external reference can be just what we need. In such cases the associates of HR or the direct superiors can refer the person to the EAP. However, in order to protect the confidentiality of the person, even in such cases we do not provide information about whether the person decided to contact the EAP in the end.

Employee Assistance Programs can also be accessed by managers and HR associates for assistance in cases when they themselves are in need of professional advice. Such cases may include tragedies when a sudden illness, an accident or the death of a loved one causes crises in the lives of an employee, who in turn requires professional crisis intervention.

Employee Assistance Programs are highly confidential and are in general based on trust. We do not share any personal information about the callers or their cases with the employers. Regular reports to the employers contain basic information only about the utilization numbers to allow feedback about the popularity of the program.

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