Our company has been offering EAP services in Hungary for almost eight years. For the majority of this time we were offering EAP services only as the local provider of the largest worldwide EAP provider, Optum Inc. Recently we have launched our independent services as well, which allows us to focus on the development of locally tailored EAP solutions.

During our eight years of our operation the Hungarian workforce market has undergone a lot of change. Employee Assistance Programs have grown from a culturally strange tool to a trendy and acknowledged workforce retention solution.

We believe that EAPs can best be utilized if considered not only as a form of benefit but as a novel tool for organizational development. In order to maintain this attitude we develop our individual EAP packages always on the basis of a thorough organizational assessment and the close inclusion of the HR.

We are proud to have reached outstandingly high utilization with some of our client organizations and that our client satisfaction feedback rate approaches the maximum.

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